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01.18.12 On Location | Happy New Year!!…Oh, and Enjoy the Snow, Seattle.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wishing everyone the best in 2012!

Seattelites kicked off their 2012 in true Seattle fashion…with a good ol’ snow storm. Well, not really a storm, but 4 inches in downtown Seattle is disastrous. Streets left unplowed, drivers playing their own version of roller derby, its definitely a sight to see.┬áJust youtube it.

I thought I’d brave the cold and wet to capture some images. Don’t get to excited, its not like I’m saving the world here. Just sending a little winter greetings to some of my friends and family…especially those of you in warmer climates (I’m looking at you Hawaii).

Now go out and overcome your snow storm to achieve your goals in 2012!