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12.11.12 | Fall/Winter Fashions: Faux Fur

Faux fur is one of the hot styles this Fall/Winter to shield you from the cold. Check out Jade’s vintage fall style as she heads for sunnier skies and dry weather.

model: Jade de Synadinos
location: Golden Gardens Park, Seattle, WA
faux fur coats and vintage luggage provided by Jade’s personal collection.


11.30.12 | The Seattle Marathon

I spent some time over the weekend cheering on some road warriors at this year’s Seattle Marathon. It was overcast, foggy, and chilly…but things seemed to clear up just in time for a majority of the marathoners to see the finish line ahead.

They are quite an inspiration to me. I feel like I’ve dropped 10 pounds just watching them run. That’s how it works right?

Here are some images from the finish line. Friends and families together, supporting each other. Great way to end the Thanksgiving weekend.

10.21.12 On Location | Chihuly Garden and Glass, Summer 2012

I fulfilled my arts and culture quota for the summer…taking in the spectacle of Chihuly’s brand new Garden and Glass exhibit at the Seattle Center. I’m just happy I didn’t knock anything over. It could’ve been an expensive weekend.