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03.10.13 | Spring 2013 Lookbook; Chelsea

Lookbook Collection 1000

Spring is here which means colors and light fabrics and if Seattlelites are lucky, sun! That doesn’t stop Chelsea here from showing off her spring style here in my first lookbook post of the new year.

We sifted through her wardrobe to find some of her favorite pieces. Many of these styles can be put togther at minimal cost. You just need to explore your local consignment shops and vintage boutiques. In Chelsea’s case, some of her accessories also came from street fairs during her travels abroad.

Chelsea Lookbook 01sm

Pairing pinks and purples with her patterned skirt, Chelsea shows that bold wears well this spring. Pairing the pink sweater (consignment shop) with pink shoes from Forever 21 and the purple belt with purple headband from Fuego she creates flowing color schemes broken up by the neutral navy blue skirt from Wet Seal. The dreamcatcher necklace adds a bit of Chelsea’s personality. She caught this gem on the streets of LA.

Chelsea Lookbook 02sm

The second look here shows that beige and brown tones can go together. This daring flowing spring dress was found at a consignment store. Throw on some matching heel boots from Journeys and a belt, and you’re ready for that afternoon coffee date. The necklace was handmade in Spain using recycled wine bottle caps. Beautiful accent piece to this simplistic, but stylish ensemble.

Chelsea is a hairstylist that I’ve worked with for several years now. If you’d like to update that hairdo this spring, stop by the Rudy’s Barbershop in Capitol Hill where Chelsea spends her time chopping mops!

12.11.12 | Fall/Winter Fashions: Faux Fur

Faux fur is one of the hot styles this Fall/Winter to shield you from the cold. Check out Jade’s vintage fall style as she heads for sunnier skies and dry weather.

model: Jade de Synadinos
location: Golden Gardens Park, Seattle, WA
faux fur coats and vintage luggage provided by Jade’s personal collection.

11.29.12 | Cyber Glam: TJ and Rachel

The 70’s had recreational drugs, flower power, and platform shoes. The 80’s had the corset wearing, fishnet teasing, controversial sex symbol, Madonna. In the 90’s, the anti-conformity movement made tattoos, piercings and body mods an acceptable form of self expression. In the early 2000’s the trend was fusion. French and asian cuisine. Electronic and House music. Fashion trends fused globally.

Now take that fusion of fashion and throw in a packet of skittles and blend on high. Now I’m no historian, but I’m pretty certain that’s how Cyber Glam emerged. You better take notice, because all the cool kids are doing it.

Trinity Joy has a brilliant creative mind. She will do your hair, makeup, and design your shoot if you let her, and that’s when I booked her as my model. If you want to collaborate with TJ or would like to see more of her work, check out her model mayhem page.

Rachel is a newcomer with a lot of talent and potential. She has a great sense of style and a eager attitude. Keep your eyes out. She will be on this blog again. Trust me.

models: Trinity Joy and Rachel
creative director: Trinity Joy
makeup: Trinity Joy and Rachel