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03.03.13 | Glamour Session; Kristina

Model of the Moment 2012

I worked with Kristina a few years ago to capture some amazing fitness images that still get positive comments ’til this day. After taking a break from the modeling, she teamed up with me again for her comeback. She is a very determined model and knows what she wants out of a shoot. Kristina is a wonderful glamour model; tall, beautiful, and committed.

Below are some of the best images from our session together. Dangerous, flirtatious, and sexy is all you need to know.

Kristina Glamour 02 Kristina Glamour 01

Shot with a 35mm lens at ISO 400, f-stop f/5, shutter speed 1/200. Keylight lit with a softbox about 45 degrees to the right of the model (left of camera) with reflectors to the left of the model. Soft backlight used on the backdrop.

Kristina 17mm

Shot in a basement with a hard key light through a peg board to create lighting texture. The key light was a single common light bulb hanging left of and level to the camera. The images were shot with a faster ISO (1600) to allow for faster shutter speed in the low light. The grainy rendering and harsh shadows created the mysterious and daring attitude I was going for.

To view more of Kristina’s work or to book her modeling talent, check out her model mayhem page.

09.12.12 Model of the Moment | Sasha Silver

Confidence is a big part of modeling. Its a big part of anything one endeavors to accomplish or pursue. In my experience in this industry and having many coversations over coffee with others in this industry, I have learned that selling yourself and believing in your product plays an almost bigger role in one’s success than having a top notch portfolio.

Sasha came to me through a friend and showed an interest in modeling. She is lean, tall, beautiful and would be a great runway model. What may not be obvious in her images is her amazing heart, giving personality and sweet disposition. I am working on capturing this better through my lens.

I am confident that Sasha has the ability to turn modeling into a very successful career, or even a lucrative part time gig. We have shot together on two separate occasions with more to come in the future and she is quickly learning to exude her own confidence on set. I am excited to see her on top of her game in the near future and support her completely.

Like stock trading, its always best to get in early. I’m all in on Sasha and its best to get in now. We are working on fine tuning her portfolio and getting her some exposure. I will post links to her portfolio in the future. In the meantime, here are some of the work we’ve done together. Soak it all in. She’s a beauty!


Here are some pics of Sasha sharing lens time with her mentor Nikki.