02.05.13 Photo Journal | New York and New Jersey

Photo Journal 1000

It’s been a dream of mine to see New York City at Christmas. From the tree at Rockefeller Center to carriage rides in Central Park, I can’t remember any city more iconic for my ideal holiday season. Staying in Jersey City gave me some great views of the skyline. Just minutes from Hoboken, I was able to see the famous Carlos’ Bake Shop (from the A&E show Cake Boss) as well. Here are some images from my four days in the Big Apple.

New York Skyline The NYC Skyline

Jersey Docks

NYC from Hoboken

Lackawanna Train Station

Lackawanna Terminal

Jersey Morning

Jersey City Sunrise

Cake Boss

Carlos’ Bake Shop (The Cake Boss)

I 911 Memorial

9/11 Memorial

Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower

Rockefeller Center

The tree at Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center

Central Park

Central Park

Central Park

Washington Square Arch

Washington Square Arch

Empire State Building

Empire State Building


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