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10.01.12 Model of the Moment | Kristine Carol

Airing My Dirty Laundry

A conversation with model Kristine Carol

11:01 am (Text from Aaron): I’m here. Did we say to meet at Party City or the Starbucks?
11:05 am (Reply from Kristine): Fuuuck.
11:05 am (Kristine): Just woke up give me a little bit I’m going to shower and come down ahhhhhh
11:06 am (Aaron): Text me when you get here.
11:06 am (Kristine): I’m so sorry!! I didn’t plan on sleeping in this late!!!
11:07 am (Aaron): That’s okay, but you’re buying coffee.

Forty minutes later, she arrives. Her cousin, Jenna, had woken her with a phone call saying she would be over soon, which is lucky for me as my initial text was received moments after; unlucky for Jenna, however, as she was apparently dragged to our meeting without explanation.

She introduces me to her cousin and apologizes for being late, but I miss all of it. I am distracted by her old black t-shirt that reads “Guilty of Sin” in a faded white print. Her hair is damp and stringy, proof to me that she really had showered before showing up, or at least ran through the water as I have done on occasion.

I managed to kill forty minutes browsing the DVDs at the nearby Best Buy. With the three of us standing in the TV Show aisle now, she explains to her cousin about the horror-themed photo shoot we did together a couple weeks prior. “I think the random (shots) we did in the kitchen with the dress and the knife turned out so good. My boobs looked awesome.”

We continue to browse the DVDs. She reaches in front of me, noticing the “True Blood” DVDs on the rack. “Oh! That show! I’m addicted to it!” she exclaims.

Unfamiliar with the show, I ask if it’s like twilight. She explains, “It’s like a new age ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, but with a lot of sex in it. It’s hot. She doesn’t slay them she just fucks them.”

Meet Kristine. Unfiltered. Showered. Guilty of sin.

I suppose we’re all guilty of sin. I am. I’m sure Jenna, too. Even the origin of the shirt, as Kristine explains, is one of shame and embarrassment. The previous owner forgot it at Jenna’s apartment after getting drunk and urinating on the couch before ditching. He never paid for that couch. Kristine kept the shirt. As far as she’s concerned, they’re even.

We browse the Horror section a while longer, pointing out DVDs like Scream, Carrie, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the inspiration for our images, before heading to Starbucks.

Kristine makes good on my request. As we stand in line for coffee, she speaks candidly of her childhood, which was filled with horror movies, ghostly pranks, and, at times, real blood. Her father used to dress up as batman and chase her around the house with a knife threatening to kill her. She got a batman tattoo on her ankle to remind her of the fun times.

When we get to the counter, Kristine orders an iced white mocha with cherry flavoring. Joking with the barista, she goes into an over-the-top dramatic fit when she is told they were out of cherry flavoring and would have to settle for raspberry. We get our drinks and take a seat. As I sip my pumpkin spice latte, she tells me about the rest of her tattoos.

In total there are five, seven if you count the two that were cover ups. There are three flowers around her right wrist. The colors were intended to represent birth stones of her family members, but the artist was high at the time and got them wrong. Another one is an anchor inked on her right shoulder blade, a reminder of the night she got drunk and thought she was a sailor. Once, as a birthday present, her mother took her to get tattoos together, as sort of a mother/daughter thing. Kristine got a butterfly. Then her mother chickened out.

While we sit and talk, Kristine can’t help retelling stories of her family and their drama. “Everyone in our family, in their own way, has to be the center of attention at some point. Like, my father has his own quirks. Oh shit…I probably shouldn’t say…”

Perhaps all the drama in her childhood shaped her extrovert behavior. Maybe it’s why she loves to act out, pretend, covet different personalities. “I love Halloween. I think it’s my favorite holiday. I hate Christmas. You have to see family.”

Not that she hates her family. Kristine and Jenna are more than cousins. She describes Jenna as the “Clyde to her Bonnie” and they certainly don’t shy away from the attention. Once they ran out of gas at a Taco Bell. They both stood at the street corner with a sign, peddling for gas money. “We panhandled. I was standing on the wrong corner. It was the other side of the road where no cars could stop.”

Kristine and Jenna reminisce about a movie theater incident. The movie was delayed and the two of them went to the front of the theater and started acting out a scene of a superhero saving a damsel in distress. “There we were, entertaining the crowd, just running around. We got standing ovations. We didn’t think anyone was paying attention.”

Meet Kristine. Extrovert. Drama Queen. Actress.

Probably her most meaningful tattoo is that of the undead on her left arm. It celebrates the “Day of the Dead” or “El Dia de los Muertos”. Its cultural origins date back to the Aztecs and symbolize the belief that both the living and the dead interacted with each other and held a symbiotic relationship. To Kristine, it is a reminder of a period in her life of bad decisions, bad friends, and coping with depression. It is a symbol of a second chance, a new attitude on life, a more confident, beautiful identity. While she is moving on from her past, she understands that those experiences have also shaped her for the better; a symbiotic relationship.

We talk about her new endeavors. She loves to cook, but admits that can be an adventure in itself. She tried to make candied yams. They turned into yam flavored butter. “I’ll put my whole heart into making dinner and I’ll still mess up. I’ll screw up all this food, and I’ve already, like, bought $60 worth of food.”

She has an obsession with a spotless kitchen. “I don’t care if everything else in the house is messy. My kitchen needs to stay clean. C’mon, you prepare the food you’re going to eat in there.”

Kristine decorated her bathroom. It’s zombie themed. There are blood splatters and handprints on her mirrors. She found a toilet bowl cleaner in the shape of a zombie hand that looks like its coming out of the bowl. There’s a zombie poster “Don’t Feed the Zombies” that once framed, will go above the toilet. I suggest a flatscreen TV mounted in the bathroom that will play zombie movies in a loop. “You just put the best idea in my head. I would love to honestly say, ‘you scared the shit out of me.’”

She embraces the creative outlet that modeling provides her. As she notices that her mocha is finished, inspecting the ring of chocolate at the bottom of her cup, she reflects on her photo shoots with Jenna as kids. Putting up sheets and taking photos with their Nikon Coolpix, she proudly admits to being a model long before the Model Mayhem networking site was around.

“I just want to do something outside the box. Glamour and fashion shots are cute for Facebook. I want to do (photoshoots) that aren’t really done by many people.”

Kristine has worked on several different projects. Along with gaining experience and building her portfolio, Kristine has had the opportunity of modeling Kiki Corona Fashion Line and has been on the cover of Alegre TV Magazine.

“The designer let us model her fashion lines from the store. It’s really cool. The magazine was in Spanish though. I don’t speak Spanish.” Go figure. If anyone could fake it to make it, I’m sure Kristine wouldn’t miss a step. Not that she has to ever fake it.

Meet Kristine. Unfiltered. Extrovert. Actress. Model.

Can’t get enough of Kristine? I don’t blame you. For booking inquiries, or to view more of her past work, visit her Model Mayhem page and remember to like her modeling page on Facebook. She will be posting more images from this photo series throughout the month of October on her page.

09.23.12 Model of the Moment | Sarah Nade

Sarah Nade is AWESOME! Seriously.

Working with Sarah was a wonderful pleasure. She is a creative juggernaut and motivated. She has a great sense of style and confidence in her identity! Take a look for yourself!

If you’re interested in booking Sarah or would like to see more of her work, make sure you visit her Model Mayhem page.

09.12.12 Model of the Moment | Sasha Silver

Confidence is a big part of modeling. Its a big part of anything one endeavors to accomplish or pursue. In my experience in this industry and having many coversations over coffee with others in this industry, I have learned that selling yourself and believing in your product plays an almost bigger role in one’s success than having a top notch portfolio.

Sasha came to me through a friend and showed an interest in modeling. She is lean, tall, beautiful and would be a great runway model. What may not be obvious in her images is her amazing heart, giving personality and sweet disposition. I am working on capturing this better through my lens.

I am confident that Sasha has the ability to turn modeling into a very successful career, or even a lucrative part time gig. We have shot together on two separate occasions with more to come in the future and she is quickly learning to exude her own confidence on set. I am excited to see her on top of her game in the near future and support her completely.

Like stock trading, its always best to get in early. I’m all in on Sasha and its best to get in now. We are working on fine tuning her portfolio and getting her some exposure. I will post links to her portfolio in the future. In the meantime, here are some of the work we’ve done together. Soak it all in. She’s a beauty!


Here are some pics of Sasha sharing lens time with her mentor Nikki.