2012…Life Happened.

Greetings to all!

Hopefully you are all having a wonderful 2012! I can’t help but feel guilty for not keeping up with my site over the past six months. While I have been shooting, my collaborations have been few and far between. Sometimes life just happens.

I’m not the type of photographer that brings his DSLR everywhere he goes. Maybe that’s the difference between me and other successful photogs. I might need to get better at carrying around my pack.

My artistic hunger still burns within. Sometimes to satisfy your need to create, you do work that satisfies, but doesn’t challenge. In all honesty, I believe I haven’t pushed myself hard enough this year…so far. I believe that one’s work is an open diary to an artist’s life. Sometimes you push the creative limits, and sometimes you do enough to suppress that creative hunger.

I will be sharing some images from my 2012 work in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for new posts. The models I’ve met and worked with this year have been amazing and they have continued to create beautiful art while living their own evolving lives.

As always, I encourage you all to send me comments, critiques, advice. Feedback helps me push my limits and kicks me in the butt when I get lazy with my creativity.

Stay tuned…


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