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Model of the Month | Jade de Synadinos, “A Model’s Diary”

Jade is one of the most experienced models I’ve worked with. This month, instead of interviewing her, I’ve asked her to share her experiences in the industry. It only seemed fit to call this post, “A Model’s Diary”.

Modeling in Europe is so different from modeling in Seattle. They take fashion very, very serious. I see all the girls I met, and I stayed with all the time, in huge campaigns like Chanel, Juicy Couture, Prada, Gucci. During my time there, I landed my face in many European magazines, walked the runways and partied like crazy with A-list celebrities. Pretty crazy for a 17 year old, but my life leading up to that had been crazy enough so to me, I was so open and free with it.
I did an average of 16 castings a day and I had a driver in the beginning to take me to each casting. Unfortunately, that gets pretty expensive so I ended up taking the Metro from job to job, casting to casting. Sometimes I would get lost, and many don’t speak much English there and don’t seem to have the patience for non-French speaking Americans…so I got lost a lot. In the beginning my agent Bill flew with me and we stayed in hotels with another big model, Mike Reaves, but then we got settled into models apartments.
Modeling may look easy, but when you book a job in Europe you are expected to be a supermodel, not to mention pose on your feet for hours upon hours and perform life into film like an actress. I shared the same agencies as some of the biggest models including my favorite, Kate Moss.  When you get there its like BOOM, you are expected to get to work and make the agencies some big time money. It’s go, go, go and there’s no time for a breaks until the very end of the day when your feet have blisters. Someone was always crying because their agent told them to lose weight or get a nose job. I once booked a L’Oreal hair commercial and got my jobs and dates mixed up and my agency called me and told me “you embarrassed us in front of L’Oreal!”
I went back to the models apartment and cried, and cried. That job was some serious cash and exposure, but life goes on and you learn from it. There are always new jobs, new experiences, and everything happens for a reason (this is what I tell my self to ease the pain, haha).
Europe…fashion crazy, cool historic buildings, castles, fags (cigarettes), coffee, espresso shots, mini coopers, very strong, opinionated, and sometimes rude people, is what I think of when I reflect back. It’s definitely the place to go if you want to model and get some experience.
The modeling scene in Washington is much different because there isn’t much of one. There are some very cool people here that have done some of the things that I have and are making there way up. There are photographers who should be over in Europe shooting top models, just never had the chance. It is nice when you work with a photographer like Aaron Miyasato who is very easy going and funny, not to mention a true gentleman, thank you Aaron. I’ve come across my fair share of sleazeball photographers.
My goal now is to go back to LA. I feel like I can’t make Seattle my destination for my kind of work so I plan on moving there after my daughter is a little older. I have a lot of things that I want to accomplish and I just don’t see myself doing them here. I am not trying to put Seattle down, it is my home, but I feel I belong in LA for the future of my career. I love getting to know new people in the industry here in Seattle, and associate well with those who dare to dream like myself. I give Seattle some big props though because they are putting some stuff together that a couple years ago you would have never seen. The industry here is growing nicely. So I say good luck Seattle!
I give credit to anyone trying to make it as it is a tough industry to get into. People ask me all the time how do I get involved or get my break, and I say you can do anything you want, but it takes drive, passion, and dedication if you want to make it. Let no one stop you, have goals and visions in your head, and you make your life what you want it to be.
I will never forget Europe and plan on going back one day with my momma. She got to visit me while I was there and is so in love. She had fallen for Paris since she was little and used to save pennies to get there. I personally enjoy Hollywood more with the palm trees, sunny weather, convertibles, & smiles, but love going anywhere new and getting new experiences. Europe was an unbelievable experience, I will tell you that, but I think my next destination is California.

If you’ve missed Jade’s calendar photo, click here to download it. Check out her gallery of work with Seichi Photography below and visit her Model Mayhem page for her complete portfolio. Make sure to fan her Facebook page.

Model of the Month | Jade de Synadinos, August 2011

Congratulations to Jade de Synadinos, Seichi Photography’s Model of the Month for August 2011!

Jade is a unique model with an amazing resume. She has been represented by Marilyn Agency Paris, Select Model Management in London, Champagne Trott Talent in LA, and is currently represented by Heffner Management here in Seattle. Jade has participated in various fashion weeks including LA and Europe and has done work for Dolce and Gabbana.

A busy woman, trying to conquer the world, Jade also works with 360 Promotions, and has her own photography business with her sister Tasha, called Diamond Dreams Photography.

To see more of Jade’s work or to contact her for modeling opportunities, visit her Model Mayhem page and become a fan of her Facebook page.

Download her wallpaper today and check back later in August for my Q&A with Jade and see her gallery of images with Seichi Photography.

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