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Model of the Month | Janna Cardwell Q&A

With summer in full swing (oddly enough, it was hard finding a sunny day to actually shoot outside), Janna and I took to the outdoors to show off some summer style. In our Q&A session this month, we talked about Facebook, fans, and Jack Daniels.

Seichi Photography: What did you think of your Model of the Month title when I told you?
Janna Lee: When I found out that I was Model of the Month, I was very excited! You’re a great photographer and I feel honored that you picked me for July.
SP: Thank you. Did you tell anyone?
JL: I feel like I told everyone! I put it up on my Facebook fan page and also up on the main page of my Model Mayhem. 
SP: So its been mentioned before that you work for 360 Promotions. What is your favorite thing to promote?
JL: My favorite promotion I have done was for Jack Daniels. It’s a brand that everyone knows and loves, which make events like those a lot of fun.
SP: Who makes it fun? The brand doing the promotion or the customers?
JL: The Jack Daniels brand is a lot of fun because there is a lot of history that people aren’t usually aware of. The customers are very loyal to their drinks and Jack Daniels is a very popular brand.
SP: What reasons did you get into modeling?
JL: At first I got in into modeling when a friend of mine talked me into doing a photo shoot. After that I started booking my own shoots as a hobby. A few months later I started to get paid assignments and it has become a job that I love doing.
SP: You meet a lot of people when doing promotions. Do you get lots of Facebook friend requests?
JL: I have a lot of people ask to be my friend. When I see the name or picture of someone I know from the promo work I do, it makes me feel like I did a great job for them to remember me and look me up.
SP: What’s something strange you’ve gotten from your fans on Facebook?
JL: People have asked me out on dates. Its flattering, but I turn them down nicely. I am married.
SP: Where do you do most of your promotional work?
JL: Tacoma and Seattle.
SP: Which city is better?
JL: I wouldn’t say one location is better than the other. Seattle is great. They have bigger bars and lots of customers. Tacoma’s bars are a bit smaller, but they have a lot of regulars who enjoy spending time with you. Sometimes you’re doing 13 hour days with multiple promotions. Its nice to be able to connect with others.

If you’ve missed Janna’s calendar photo, click here to download it. Check out her gallery of work with Seichi Photography below and visit her Model Mayhem page for her complete portfolio. Make sure to fan her Facebook page.

Model of the Month | Janna Cardwell, July 2011


Meet Janna Cardwell, Seichi Photography’s Model of the Month for July 2011!

You may have seen Janna around Seattle as she is very active in the promotion scene. She currently works as a model and spokesperson for 360 Events and Promotions and was crowned a 2011 KISW Rock Girl. She has recently participated in Emerald Queen Casino’s Playboy Ring Card Girl competition, been featured in Glammodelz Magazine, and works the car show circuit.

She is a busy woman and I am always grateful to book some time with Janna. Seeing her success as she takes over Washington State has been inspiring. Congratulations Janna! Wishing you continued success!

To see more of Janna’s work or to contact her for modeling opportunities, visit her Model Mayhem page and become a fan of her Facebook page.

Download her wallpaper today and check back later in July for my Q&A with Janna and see her gallery of images with Seichi Photography.

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