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Model of the Month | Rachel Clark Q&A

In celebration of summer, Rachel and I shot a BBQ theme to go with the rest of her work in her gallery. She really brought a great deal of playfulness and fun to this particular shoot. I sat down with Rachel to discuss her plans for the summer and hear what she thinks about being Model of the Month for June.

Seichi Photography: So do you want me to use your last name?
Rachel C: No, probably not.
SP: Just Rachel…Rachel C.
RC: Just Rachel.
SP: So why the Rachel C on your portfolio profile?
RC: I dunno. I opened my account (Model Mayhem) only because my friend had taken some photos and she wanted me to be on there so she could tag me. So at the time I didn’t really think about having a really alluring name.
SP: Did you fall into the modeling thing because you created a profile on Model Mayhem?
RC: I had always wanted to do something like that, but never had an outlet for creativity. My friend, who’s been in photography since I’ve known her in the 3rd grade, has been working at it. She kept telling me to model for her, and I was like, ‘what? I can’t do that. I can’t be serious or pose, you know?’ So I really had to work on it. She got some really great shots, but it was like one every 10 or 15 shots. Then after that I really liked the photos.
SP: Now you really enjoy it?
RC: Yeah, I think this is really fun.
SP: Do you have any goals? Something big in mind like being so powerful that people only need to say your first name, and everyone knows who you’re talking about?
RC: Oh man, that would be cool, but I just really enjoy being a part of the art and contributing to make (images). Just being a model, you don’t make the photo. The photographer knows their angles and you’re just one part of it. It’s a collaboration.
SP: You’re studying Psychology now, but you’ve found a way to add creative expression and art to psychology, too.
RC: Art therapy. Hopefully. When I started college, I was wanting to go down the art path, and I almost did. I took a lot of art and psychology classes at first. Then I heard you could create your own major and there’s Art Therapy at other colleges…so it combines everything I’ve done.
SP: Now that classes are over, any plans for the summer?
RC: Hawaii! For two weeks. I’m gonna go surfing, ATV-ing, and trek around the jungle island and pretend I’m in the show ‘Lost’.
SP: I do that, but I like to think I’m Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild. Its always exciting until you reach the top of the tree line and there’s a road on the other side.
RC: Or a hotel or something. Yeah, not really adventurous.
SP: Are you a daredevil?
RC: I like to think so.
SP: Before we wrap up, back to the stage name. We need something better than Rachel C. How about RC?
RC: People used to call me RC Lark.
SP: I like it.
RC: Really? There’s not to many nicknames you can make out of Rachel Clark.
SP: So now that you’ve said it on record…
RC: I know. No longer anonymous.
SC: We’ll spell it with a K instead of a C. RK Lark.
RC: Perfect.
SC: Congratulations on being Model of the Month!
RC: Thanks, I feel so honored. I don’t even think of myself as a real model and now I’m a model of a whole month.
SC: You know, there’s no real perks.
RC: Yes there is. I get to tell people I’m the model of the month. (Points to my laptop) And I can be your desktop wallpaper.
SC: Anything you want to say to your fans?
RC: I have fans?
SC: Perfect. Thanks RK Lark. Lets do this again sometime.
RC: Alright. Great.

RK Lark’s photographer friend is Alexis Tobin. She has some amazing work and artistic talent. Check out her website,  Model Mayhem page, and like her on Facebook.

If you’ve missed RK Lark’s calendar photo, click here to download it. Check out her gallery of work with Seichi Photography below and visit her Model Mayhem page for her complete portfolio.

Model of the Month | Rachel Clark, June 2011

Congratulations to Rachel Clark, my Model of the Month for June 2011!

Rachel is an amazing model to work with. She is enthusiastic and allows herself to be challenged on every shoot. We had fun shooting this image. She has a beautiful smile and I wanted to bring that out in this image. Its not hard to fall in love with that smile.

If you are interested in booking Rachel or seeing more of her work, go to her Model Mayhem page. 

Download her wallpaper today and check back later in June for my Q&A with Rachel and her gallery of images with Seichi Photography.

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