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Now on Twitter!! | 05.18.11

I finally got a Blackberry (all you iphone peeps, insert insult here) and six months later, I’m now learning how to do more than just make calls, answer calls, and send text messages. Thus, when I say that I’m on Twitter now, all it really means is that you can add me.

My technology crutches aside, I have added a blogroll to the side of this page where you can fan my page on Facebook, check out my Model Mayhem profile, and follow me on Twitter. Now you can receive updates of my blog via Facebook and Twitter. How exciting!

Model Mayhem

Hmmm…If you aren’t on my Facebook or Twitter how would one hear about this post and proceed to add me…

Happy Hump Day!

Model of the Month | Nikki Phoenix Q&A

You know a model is not shy when she shows up to a shoot with the most recent issues of Playboy magazine for inspiration. The only formality of our relationship was the first time we shook hands. Comfortable with her body and confident in her talents, Nikki is certainly not shy. She has always defined her style in every shoot and takes her enthusiasm to a higher level every time we work together.

May is certainly Nikki’s month. In preparing her feature, I got to hang out at Sky Lounge in Bellevue to celebrate her birthday bash and will be traveling with her down to LA for her second Playboy test shoot. Between her busy schedule and demanding workout routines, I stole 30 minutes of her time to discuss weightloss, birthday cake, bullies, and preparing for the Mansion.

Seichi Photography: I’m here with Nikki, Model of the Month.

Nikki Phoenix: Yay. (Haha) When you texted me and told me you wanted to do that, I was like ‘Oh my God, that’s so cool’ and I texted everybody and told them. I think it’s cool.

SP: Officially, I wanted to say Happy Birthday to you.

NP: That’s very nice of you! Thank you! Its my birthday month, and Playboy. Sweet. May, May is a good month.

SP: What are your birthday plans?

NP: Well, I am going to the Space Needle for dinner with family and some of my friends. The Sky Lounge in Bellevue is hosting a party for me and I’m supposed to make an appearance at Trinity for a birthday party in my honor. Should be fun.

SP: So a lot of cake this weekend?

NP: No, just a lot of booze. (Haha)

SP: Booze is okay for the diet?

NP: Booze doesn’t have any carbs, well it does, but it’s minimal, but cake is just sugar. Not good. I dunno, maybe an ice cream cake. You could sucker me into that.

SP: I can make that happen.

NP: Sweet.

SP: You became interested in fitness and nutrition and then got into modeling after losing some weight, correct?

NP: I lost a 100 lbs. I moved to DC and ended up getting married. I didn’t know anyone out there and told my husband I wanted to start working out. I got a trainer and she helped me meet my goals, but I also did a lot of research and figured out the right diet for me. And now two years later, I’ve kept it off for about a year. Now I work out like a mad woman four hours a day doing hot yoga, lifting weights, doing cardio, tried Zumba the other day. That was weird. I suck at it. It won’t defeat me, though. I will keep at it until I get better.

SP: Did the modeling transition from all the success you had with the weight loss?

NP: Yeah. I started having pictures taken of myself so I could see the change. I wanted to do it for my own confidence. It was my way of feeling better about myself. It goes back to high school where I was bullied because of my weight. I had a lot of self-esteem issues. Getting into modeling helped build that, now I don’t really let anything get me down.

SP: You’re going down to Los Angeles this month for Playboy?

NP: I am auditioning for Playboy. It will be my second rotation. I went down to New York in October the first time. They said I was the next Marilyn Monroe and that they loved my look, but that I have to go through the process several times. They pay a lot to their centerfolds so they want to make sure that you’re serious. I’ll go down there and give it my best shot, if I don’t get it, then whatever, the experience is awesome. And it’ll be at the Playboy Mansion, so c’mon, I’ll just get to be at the Playboy Mansion!

SP: Will there be free booze there too?

NP: I dunno, maybe I’ll meet Hugh Hefner there though! If I meet him, I’d be so excited.

SP: No chocolate cake though.

NP: I can eat the chocolate cake! It would be after the audition. I’ve been really good and the day after the audition I will splurge! I dunno what I’ll splurge on, but its gonna be good. Maybe a cheeseburger!

SP: I’m buying. Good luck on the audition! Congrats again!

NP: Thank you! Its always a pleasure Aaron.


Wish Nikki luck on her Playboy audition by sending her your comments and well wishes below. If you missed Nikki’s calendar photo, click here to download it. Check out her gallery of past work with Seichi Photography below and please visit her on Model Mayhem and Facebook.

04.30.11 | UW Huskies Spring Game, part II

It took a little while to get through all the photos, but here is the second part of the UW Spring Football game.