Model of the Month | Kat Taylor Q&A

Welcome to the second of our two part series on Kat Taylor, my Model of the Month for April 2011. I sat down with Kat for an exclusive Q&A. Kat is an amazing friend and colleague and we spent some time discussing everything from food in photo shoots to granny panties and animal rights.

Seichi Photography: I’m sitting here with Kat, Seichi Photography’s model of the month for April. How are you doing?
Kat Taylor: I’m doing well, how are you?
SP: I’m good. So, model of the month for April, huh?
KT: Yes, I’m very excited.
SP: So we’ve been shooting for quite a while. We’ve done several of these (shoots) together.
KT: Yes, and they’re all fabulous.
SP: Thanks. Whenever we work together, it seems like we always involve food. Why is that?
KT: You’re just really creative with food and its always fun.
SP: Do you think that’s like my thing?
KT: Yeah, I think you’re really good with food. You make it easy to pose with food. Its fun. I always feel like its something different. And since we did it the first time, it always felt like we should do it. I’m always looking forward to events with Seichi Photography.
SP:You’ve also participated in several runway shows right?
KT: Yes. I’ve done dresses and lingerie and casual wear.
SP: The lingerie one, is that the one you got stuck wearing granny panties?
KT: Oh yes! Yeah, I didn’t know we were supposed to bring our own panties for the lingerie, so I came, unprepared, and got stuck wearing granny panties during the show.
SP:Is there an ultimate goal with your modeling?
KT: I kinda just do it for me. I have a lot of goals and they change all the time, but right now my goal is to just keep having fun with it and hopefully someone will think I’m good and I’ll make it a career out of it.
SP: You’re also a certified dog groomer right?
KT: Yes, and I love it.
SP: How’d you get into doing that? You’re an advocate for animal rights, correct?
KT: Yes, I’m a huge animal lover. I kinda fell into this, but I feel it could be a really good career for me. It fits me really well. I love it.
SP: If not modeling, then this?
KT: If not then yeah, I probably would stay with animals.
SP: So maybe our next shoot, we should have you grooming a dog in granny panties.
KT: Okay! We could make something work…with a milkshake, too.
SP: Yeah, we’ll throw a milkshake in there, too. I guess people will have to stay tuned for that set.
KT: Should be great!

If you missed Kat’s calendar photo, click here to download it. Check out her gallery of past work with Seichi Photography below and please visit her on Model Mayhem and Facebook.


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