03.19.11 | Cooper’s Day

It wasn’t quite spring yet, but the sun shining down on a Saturday morning was more than enough to convince me to exit the bear cave (my apartment). I accompanied a friend to the Marymoor Dog Park in Redmond, to give Cooper some exercise and more importantly tire him out for the rest of the day.

Cooper is a rhodesian ringback mix. I don’t know what any of this means, but that breed must love to run. He chased dogs around, fetched tennis balls out of the water holes, and even found a mudhole in a yellow tape “off-limits” area.

Over 40 acres of dog park space, including fields, fences, a running river, and hundreds of dogs…even I felt like running around. As you can see, Cooper had a great time.

'Doggie Heaven'

Making friends

Acres of playground

That tennis ball has seen better days...

Found a secret water hole...mother was not pleased.


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