Model of the Month | Jasmine Brown Q&A

In part two of my series on Seichi Photography’s model of the month we sit down with Jasmine, our March model, for a quick Q&A. Jasmine is currently gearing up to graduate from Moanalua H.S. in Honolulu, Hawaii and is looking to attend college in New York in the fall. She was more than happy to sit down with me and satisfy my journalistic fix. At least that’s what she told me.

Seichi Photography: Congratulations on being the model of the month!

Jasmine Brown: Thank you.

SP: Is it bigger than what you thought it would be? Getting all your hits on facebook now?

JB: Yeah, I liked it a lot! People liked it. I posted the link on facebook.

SP: So, to date, which photo shoot is your favorite of all the things you’ve shot?

JB: I really liked the shoot we did with the trench coat. It was different. I’m always down to do different things than what people see.

SP: You mentioned that you wanted to study journalism.

JB: Correct.

SP: What area?

JB: I haven’t made up my mind, but there’s two, actually. Broadcast journalism. I would like to be a news anchor, but there’s writing in magazines also. Anything to do with journalism and communications really.

SP: Would you report the news or fashion or something else?

JB: Honestly, I’d love to do breaking news, world news, stuff like that. Not so much the fashion.

SP: Really?

JB: Well, if (fashion) is what it came down to I’d be okay with that.

SP: You also participate in cheerleading, wrestling and judo.

JB: Yes.

SP: How do you find time for all these activities?

JB: Its actually really difficult. Um, I have to maintain my grades and I don’t have an outside life. I go to school, go to practice, go home and do homework, and then repeat.

SP: Considering it took us two weeks to schedule this interview.

JB: Exactly.

SP: Cheerleading, wrestling, judo, or modeling.

JB: Or? I have to pick?

SP: Yeah, you have to pick one.

JB: Jeez, do you really wanna know?

SP: Yes.

JB: That’s really hard. Wrestling’s out of the question. I don’t like wrestling.

SP: Did you just say you don’t like wrestling?

JB: No, I do, its just not my pick. I’ve been cheering for like five years, but I actually have to work hard for cheering, judo came naturally, as you know I placed in OIAs my first year. Modeling, the only thing that’s holding me back are my tattoos. If my body was clean that would be my first option.

SP: So judo then?

JB: I dunno. I really couldn’t choose.

SP: Would you choose any of those over broadcast journalism?

JB: No. That’s my future.

SP: For the two people who are reading this, you and me, could you comment on me as a photographer?

JB: When I first met you, I was skeptical, but you showed me your work. We did a couple shoots and you know what you’re doing. When I’m lost and I don’t know how to pose, you do, so its not awkward. You have great ideas and it comes to fruition.

SP: So basically avoiding the awkward moments makes you a good photographer.

JB: Yes.

SP: Kinda like being on a date then?

JB: (laughs) Kinda.

SP: I’m just kidding. Thank you for sitting down with me.

JB: No problem.

If you missed her calendar photo, make sure you click here and download it. Check out her gallery of past work with Seichi Photography below and visit her on Model Mayhem or Facebook.


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