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Model of the Month | Kat Taylor, April 2011

 Congratulations to the Model of the Month for April 2011, Kat Taylor! Kat has shot several times with Seichi Photography and has also done hair and makeup for many of my other shoots. Kat is always a dream to work with. She loves to have fun in the studio and her enthusiasm is infectious to all involved.

If you are interested in booking Kat or seeing more of her work, go to her Model Mayhem page, Facebook, or email her at

Download her wallpaper today and check back later in April for my Q&A with Kat and her gallery of images with Seichi Photography.

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1024 x 768

Every month Seichi Photography will feature a new model that portrays the essence of beauty, strength, and confidence. Come and visit my site for the downloadable calendar at the beginning of every month!

Industry Spotlight | Chelsea Williams, Hairstylist

Meet Chelsea Williams, licensed cosmetologist, hairstylist, and all around amazing person. We’ve collaborated together on some photo projects and she has added her own style to each shoot. Chelsea has been doing hair for four and a half years, since graduating from the Gene Juarez Academy. I sat down with her to discuss her craft.

Seichi Photography: What do you like best about doing hair?

Chelsea Williams: I like being able to change someone’s appearance to make them feel a different way and add to their attitude. Making people feel good.

SP: What do you prefer, working in a salon, or doing hair for photo shoots?

CW: I like both. When I work in the salon, I see a different person for 20 minutes to an hour and I get to know who they are for that little bit of time. Its awesome being able to meet so many different people within a day. I like the shoot because you’re really allowed to do a lot more of what you want versus having to do what your client wants.

SP: What made you get into hair styling?

CW: Truth? I really wanted to have fun. Both my parents wanted me to go to a 4-year college and that wasn’t what I wanted to do at 17. So I decided to do hair because it  sounded fun. Kinda random, like, ‘this sounds like fun, why not?’

SP: You’ve done some shows here in Seattle.

CW: I did the fashion show for the Northwest Women’s Expo and I did the Bridal Expo which is down at the convention center every year. Some of that is doing hair for the models in the runway show and also doing hair for brides who are looking for ideas about what they want to do. You pretty much just talk to them about what they want to do for their hair on their wedding day.

SP: And now you’re moving to LA.

CW: Now I’m moving to LA. I’m really really excited. I think it will throw me out of my comfort zone for sure and I’m sure there will be a lot more artistic experiences. My family is up here, so I’ll be back up (in Seattle) every four or five months and for my clients that are still here.

SP: We did a shoot today for you. It was pretty glamorous and sexy. How was it?

CW: It was fun. It was interesting being on the other side. When I do hair, I don’t understand why (the model) is so nervous, but it is when there’s lights on you and you’re not sure where everything is supposed to go. I had a lot of fun and I think I’d like to do a photo shoot like that again. I mean, after some (modeling) practice.

SP: Well, good luck in LA. You’ll have to call me when you’re back in town.

CW: Definitely.

Chelsea styles at Rudys Barbershop here in Seattle, but is in the process of relocating to work in their Los Angeles location in West Hollywood. She will, however, continue to service her many clients here in Seattle. She does haircuts as well as color. If you live in any of these areas and would like to know more about her services, feel free to send her a friend request on Facebook. You can see some of her works on her Model Mayhem page as well.

03.19.11 | Cooper’s Day

It wasn’t quite spring yet, but the sun shining down on a Saturday morning was more than enough to convince me to exit the bear cave (my apartment). I accompanied a friend to the Marymoor Dog Park in Redmond, to give Cooper some exercise and more importantly tire him out for the rest of the day.

Cooper is a rhodesian ringback mix. I don’t know what any of this means, but that breed must love to run. He chased dogs around, fetched tennis balls out of the water holes, and even found a mudhole in a yellow tape “off-limits” area.

Over 40 acres of dog park space, including fields, fences, a running river, and hundreds of dogs…even I felt like running around. As you can see, Cooper had a great time.

'Doggie Heaven'

Making friends

Acres of playground

That tennis ball has seen better days...

Found a secret water hole...mother was not pleased.