Welcome to my newly formatted blog. There are many changes and additions to this site. I encourage you to take a few minutes and explore around. Along with updates to my bio page, I have added a page with my booking rates for 2011 as well as a portfolio page for a quick view of my best works.
I have developed regular columns that I will be posting under from time to time. You can sort my posts by categories as shown on the right sidebar.

Macro Lens: Model of the Moment – This column will be dedicated to collaborations with models and extended sets of images from our shoots together. Look for the upcoming Model of the Month series within this column…

Industry SPOTLIGHT – This column is my way of giving exposure to the many faces behind the camera that assist me in creating amazing images. The hairstylists, make up artists, wardrobe designers, and many more help create amazing looks for me to capture.

Shutter Speed: Sports Photography – One of the reasons I picked up a camera way back when…the action shot. I love to go to sporting events from time to time and shoot action images. Now with this column, I can share with you these images.

There are a few other regular columns that I will be adding in the coming weeks. You can always see a complete list of them in my bio page.

I look forward to sharing more on this blog in the coming weeks. Check back soon!


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