Monthly Archives: September 2010


This blogsite was started with the intention to supplement my online portfolio on the Model Mayhem website. People could follow my work and see more images from my various photo shoots.

My random 4 month absence from this site was due to a period of professional growth and exploration. While I spent much of my summer booking shoots and searching for an artistic identity, I struggled with the eternal tug and pull of artistic creativity vs. creatively making a living. A struggle I think all artists go through.

Ultimately, I am still at a crossroads of where my art will take me and whether I can begin to make my talents profitable so I can continue to support a lifestyle where I can create that art. What I have learned however, is that I can’t be afraid to solicit feedback on a larger scale. Growth begins when we look within ourselves, but can only take shape when we are aware of how we can affect others with that growth.

While I am exploring other resources on the business side to create a better website, I encourage all of you, friends and family alike, to send me some feedback of your thoughts, questions, comments about my work, my sites, my Fan Page.

While I have many new images to share, most of which can be seen on my online portfolio or on my facebook Fan Page, I will begin to add some of these to this site as well once again.

Thank you all for your support in the past, your opionions in the now, and your confidence in my future.