October 2009

Chantele Machado Comp Card

I have experienced many photoshoots over the years, some that were amazing and others I’d rather forget. Since creating my blogsite, I’ve been wanting to “catch up” by sharing some of my older works.

These photos were done in Seattle at the end of 2009. Chantele was great to work with and has a great complexion. There were many great images and it was hard for me to decide which ones to post.

Angel Alabaster was a sweetheart. She was eager to work and entertaining during our shoot. She was very comfortable posing, considering she sings in a rock band, and seemed born to perform.

Bonnie was very new, but very ready to work. She brought her entire wardrobe to our shoot and I loved her enthusiasm. She took direction very well and I hope to work with her again.

When I spoke to Olga, she was willing to use her apartment for the shoot. It was very elegant and she had a great taste for design. The catch, she lived in Kennewick which was a four hour drive from my home in Seattle. It was an all day affair, leaving at eight in the morning, working for two hours, and returning home at six in the evening. I did learn one thing from that experience. Don’t drink two cups of coffee and chug water during a marathon drive.

It was almost a year since my last photo shoot so being able to schedule a blitz of photo shoots in a month’s period made for a great autumn and it felt great to get back to the collaborative process again.


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