Monthly Archives: April 2010

Beach Volleyball

In looking for bikini shots and more diversified sports shots for my portfolio, I came across the idea for killing two birds with one stone by doing a beach volleyball shoot. One place came to mind when conceptualizing…Lanikai Beach.

Tiffany was more than happy to help and had the toned physique to match the concept. We drove out to Kailua at eight in the morning hoping to dodge any morning traffic. Aside from the morning neighborhood joggers and the occasional sunbathers, we had the beachfront to ourselves and was able to get some great vivid beach images.

Island Princess

My first impression of Gabby was, “Island Princess”. She had a very petite frame and a cute, flirty smile. I was captivated by her flowing black hair, bright blue eyes, and sweet voice. Gabby knew what she wanted. She sent me photos of ideas that she had wanted to accomplish and already had a site in mind.

Due to the fact that this site was quite secluded and beautiful and I would love to return there often to shoot, I will just say that I trekked out to Hawaii Kai at seven in the morning, clutching my coffee mug wondering if the wet weather would hold up for a couple of hours.

This ended up being one of my more difficult on location shoots as I found myself waist deep in water trying to keep my balance from the undertow and praying not to lose my $2,000 camera in the salt water. I would later spend over an hour wiping all my lenses and cleaning the components of my camera to ensure the salt water sprays did not leave me with a lasting memory of this shoot.

Gabby was a natural at posing. I found myself trying to keep up with her while she gave me more than enough opportunity to capture a suitable image. I very much look forward to working with her again.

Chicks Dig the Longball

 Let me go on record saying that UH Softball games being free admission is the greatest thing ever, for the simple fact that when I’m bored and broke, I can catch an exciting game of college softball!

If anyone’s been paying attention to the Rainbow Wahine Softball team, they’ve exploded again this year, hitting an amazing 67 homeruns at the time of this writing, surpassing their 2009 total of 62, enroute to a current record of 25-11.

It was on a brisk Saturday afternoon in March that I decided to catch the games and hopefully capture a homerun swing. The Wahine put out a great showing winning both games against San Jose State.

I was fortunate to capture some great images including freshman Kelly Majam, who hit her team leading 16th homerun of the season.