Pursue Excellence


Prolifik Projects

In high school, I found that filmmaking was an addicting medium to express my creative side. It was a goal of mine to become a successful film auteur, writing, shooting, and directing my own films. Filmmaking is a collaborative process and I soon found it to be difficult to find people who bought in to my ideas and concepts. I then learned that photography can be much more self gratifying. I didn’t have to rely or depend on others. My ideas. My time. My rules.

In my return stint in Hawaii, I reconnected with my lifetime buddy, Micah. We’ve spent the better half (childhood) of our lives fishing in streams, playing video games and getting into mischief. Now, 20 plus years of sleepovers, movie nights, Mario Kart marathons, and WWF Pay-Per-View Events later, I consider him family.

I always knew Micah had a creative spirit. He helped me paint posters when I ran for class president in the sixth grade. We made designs together in woodshop in high school. Over the past two years, Micah has been building his clothing line called Prolifik Projects. Inspired and driven by The Faith, Micah has created an amazing vehicle for starving artists in Hawaii to express themselves. His only rule when you enter his shop, leave your ego at the door and always seek to inspire and support others and their artforms.

Spending much time at Prolifik, I was able to share my work with others and find support from places I didn’t expect. I was excited when Micah asked me to help create images to promote his product, however I was a little nervous to collaborate again after working solo for so long.

We definitely have different ways of expressing our creative side, but on a brisk February night in 2010 we came together for five hours to produce some brilliant images that I felt convey the essence of Prolifik. Different people, different backgrounds, coming together under one banner that is Prolifik, all with one goal in mind, to “Pursue Excellence”.


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