Beauty and Strength

Bamboo Forest

Christina Portrait

I refused to let my lack of a day job turn into a “woe is me” saga. So I turned to my photography to keep me busy, inspire me, and allow me a chance to pursue something that gives me happiness.

My single goal coming home was to refocus my life and surround myself with loved ones. It didn’t take long before my refreshed outlook on life stirred some creative juices. It was then that I sought an outlet to release my inner artist.

I have an appreciation for amazing tattoos, although I’m still reserved in getting one myself, and Christine had some wonderful back art. We trekked deep into Manoa Valley in search of bamboo back in late January. Failing to bring bug spray, we were both quite taken advantage of by the hoards of mosquitos. Christine eased my mind, joking that we would definitely remember this photo shoot down the road. In the damp forest, the humidity was intense, but we pushed on and came back with some great images.

Christine seemed to shine of confidence and strength in body and mind. It was that same confidence I had hoped to regain in the burrows of my home gym. It was only fitting that we collaborated once more, in my personal space of refuge, for some fighter images.

Christine was a joy to work with. Her enthusiasm and striking personality gave way to some great shots as we created “Beauty and Strength”.

See more of Christine’s work on Model Mayhem.


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