Ronin and Kuma

Playful Dogs


Its always a joy to visit family back home in Hawaii. Both Ronin and Kuma provide endless hours of fun and discovery. Their mischief is both fun to watch and an irritation to deter, but at the end of the day, its all a good story.  

The same excitement I had as a sixth grader, coming home after school eager to share with my parents about winning at ‘tag’ during recess, when Mrs. Kimura busted the class bully, or the girl that passed me notes during Social Studies, I see in my parents (both retired) when they tell my brother, returning home from work, about Ronin, when he chased a bird and ran into the fence, or how Kuma learned how to unhook the gate in the back, and when they both broke out of the yard in their latest escape attempt.  

I often bring my Canon with me outside when I work out downstairs. You never know when a great shot may lend itself to me. Often times, their priceless moments are enough excuse for an extra 60 seconds between sets.


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